Putting Your Confidence in TheaXiomNetwork

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  1. Speed of launching your online evangelism ministry. 10 minutes-
  2. Convenience. Contact us anytime from anywhere. We’ll respond with 24 hours (including holidays) for technical questions.
  3. Cost: One time cost of $49.99 / 365 days= $.0136 per day.
  4. Security: Your link is secure against malicious code, etc etc etc Note: TAN has no control over other areas of your website and therefore cannot be held responsible for problems/issues encountered other than the God’s Plan Gospel Page we provide. ?????????????
  5. Community: When you become a member of TheaXiomNetwork you automatically become a member of our network of over 100,000 US churches with FREE listing (you’re probably already listed) icons ??? and other amenities at www.uschurchinfo.com.
  6. MaintenanceNothing to worry about. While you carry on ministry our team is hard at work assuring your online outreach efforts are optimized and those seeking Christ’s offer of eternal life can find it on your page.
  7. Creative input: Select a professionally designed “header” (out of 3 to 4) available year round that most suits your ministry and change as often as you life (holiday header options included).
  8. Inspiration and Motivation:
  9. Conferences (online) and Training (online)
  10. Social Media impact: Add your branded Gospel Plan Template to your Church social media platforms (FacebookTM, TwitterTM.) or if desired, to your church member social media and personal/business sites.
  11. Teamwork: You get a team of passionate, “heart for the lost” professionals to help you launch and maintain your online evangelism ministry.
  12. Tools & Supplies: aXiom offers time tested follow-up tools by cutting edge ministry sources. Our tools are “evergreen” and need very little explanation. They can be mailed to those who put their faith in Christ or preferably, setup meetings individually with the New Believer and begin what could become a lifelong, multiplying discipleship relationship.

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