Sharing the Gospel during holidays

Holidays Can Present Opportunities and Challenges

Whether it’s Christmas, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, we, as Christians, often want to share out thoughts about the most important thing in our lives. So, naturally, our thoughts turn to helping our family and friends realize that what’s important to us but obviously be what’s most important to them, right!?

Now, instead of verbally sharing your faith there are less confrontational ways to help people realize their opportunity and needs of the Gospel. One of the most obvious and most overlooked is putting an attractive, Biblically faithful Gospel presentation on your Church website so it is available 24/7 and shared anytime its convenient.

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Will Access to the Gospel Be Challenged?

Reasons to be Concerned?

It grieves me to write this because like most Christians, I never believed this would happen in our lifetime. Our intent is not to paint an alarmist, bleak picture of the future. But, we believe, there are reasons for concern. And, if we’re wrong, then the worse that can happen is the Gospel receives more exposure Online.

More and more social media venues are shutting down or curtailing conversations about political and spiritual matters they disagree with, especially Christian conversations. Their reasons, of course, are our
message promotes “hate speech” when we say all people are sinners, among other things. Our fear is their list of “reasons” will gradually increase over time. We know this is absurd but 1. they seemingly don’t care what we think and 2. we don’t control the levers of these platforms.

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The Great Ommission

“It appears the Church ceded the world “wild” web to the Evil One long ago. And, no, potluck details, Home Bible Studies and “Men’s Saturday Prayer Breakfasts” do not count as reaching the Lost online. They need a spiritual Life-Line to the Savior.”

(Quote from Our Passion at The “Great Omission”

One of the most puzzling things to me about the U.S. Church today is the absence of the Gospel online. Wait! What?!

Isn’t the American Church utilizing the power of Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and a multitude of other venues to tell visitors about the power of the Gospel? Yes. Many are. And, we are grateful their vision extends beyond their own congregation. But, there’s a problem.

In the digital and spiritual environment of today social media platforms can and often do limit content they disagree with or worse, delete years of effort on a whim.

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