Ideas for Sharing


Sharing God’s Plan Publicly

There are many ways to use your customizable God’s Plan Gospel Template. Since its online on your own Church website we encourage you to present it from your projector as a sermon on Sunday morning once a quarter or so.

This experience will not only allow visitors to hear the Gospel, some perhaps for the first time but equally important, members will see that its available on the Church website and that you endorse its use, they’ll see your commitment to sharing the Gospel and your passion for the lost and they’ll experience first hand how to present it clearly.

What’s the Last Thing the Person Sees (on Your Website) Before They Receive Salvation

 1. Sharing the Gospel from the Pulpit during Sunday Worship
2. Children and adult Sunday School classes
3. Evangelism Training Courses
4. Share at the first meeting of each Home Bible Study so some might believe and others will see it as a tool to use privately
5. Men’s and Women’s Group Meetings
6. Retreats (Revivals, Teens, Young Marrieds, Family, Singles, Seniors, etc.)
7. Evening/Special Services
8. Youth Groups including AWANATM and others

Your God’s Plan Gospel Template customized for your Church’s website provides opportunity for you and your congregation to share the Good News with anyone, anytime and anywhere they’re online.

Sharing God’s Plan Personally and Privately

This will then encourage others in your Church:

9. Knowing the Gospel is now available on your Church website they can use their phones, laptops and notepads
10. To meet with family and friends to “walk them through the Gospel”
11. To see an incredible opportunity to develop highly motivated individuals in your church to learn and grow in discipleship
12. Project your God’s Plan header (with video) onto your sanctuary wall before services begin.
13. Use your “Smart TV” during parties (Christmas, Thanksgiving, et al), before Home Bible Studies, Church monitor displays and nearly anywhere else a TV or monitor can display your God’s Plan Gospel Template for background interest.

Imagine how excited you and your Church would be to hear testimonies of faithful members sharing the Gospel with friends and family
…And, because God’s Plan Gospel Template is “in the cloud” it can be used anywhere, anytime, by anybody. Even those who go to other Churches that don’t include the Gospel on their website.

These suggestions will spark conversation in all these settings and allow you to scroll down (when appropriate) to explain the Gospel if the person is interested. You can also inform them that if they’d like to know more then they can go to the designated link on your Church’s website.

Silent Sentinel

The most obvious benefit of your customizable God’s Plan Swaps Gospel Template is that it resides 24/7/365 on your Church website and allows the Holy Spirit to lead others there to confront them with the Gospel and their need to put their faith in Christ.

Most likely the unbelieving visitor last Sunday will visit your Church website during the week to learn more about your ministry and upon discovering God’s Plan learns how they can come to Salvation? Would a youth visitor or member on the verge of some life changing decision, good or bad, land on your Gospel page and find Christ there waiting for him or her? What scenarios can you imagine that the Holy Spirit could use if God’s Plan was available around the world and around the clock? Imagine the lost opportunities to share God’s plan of salvation if it’s not available.

See 4 Scenarios

Sharing God’s Plan Gospel Template Offline

By now you have many ideas you can use to share God’s Plan Gospel Template “Online” but knowing how to use your church’s customizable God’s Plan Gospel presentation “offline” can be a powerful way to share with friends and family.

Equipped with phone, tablet, laptop or any digital device your disciples will have a tool they can carry with them anywhere, anytime and make a profound impact in the lives of others and the Kingdom.

Start your Church Evangelism Team

Announce to your Church that your group is open to anyone who wants to learn to effectively share the Gospel. Encourage members to use God’s Plan “offline” as well in case they can’t acess your Church’s website. Easy peezy…

  1. Four Scriptural Ps (Principles) of the Gospel. Easy to remember: God’s Plan, Our Problem, God’s Provision, Our RePly
  2. Two Verses: Memorize one or two Scripture references (or memorize the whole verse if possible) from each “P” in step 1.
  3. One Explanation: Use the descriptions/explanations from our God’s Plan presentation or develop their own
  4. Three Questions: Ask-
  • “Does this make sense?” Be prepared to answer 3-4 basic questions.
  • “Is there any reason you wouldn’t want to receive Eternal Life through faith in Jesus Christ?”
  • “May I say a simple prayer to express to God your decision and have you follow along out loud?”

Before departing: Encourage, Assure, Pray, Invite


  • Passion, compassion and obedience will be required to trust God to tell others the Good News of Jesus Christ.
  • Practice alone and attempt to “perfect” your presentation so it flows naturally but be flexible in your responses
  • Partner with someone else learning 4-2-1-3 and work through various scenarios and how you would present and respond
  • Pastor: Depend on your pastor to provide insights, encouragement, vision and practical help
  • Pray! Not much good will come from a dedication to helping others find Salvation if we’re not going to the Lord before, during and after sharing.

Note: Pastor, this is your opportunity to train those in your fellowship who want to learn to share their faith. The suggested outline is very simple with several mnemonic helps to make it easy to use. Please Contact Us if we can be any help.


Different Ways God’s Plan Gospel Template is Used

Your customizable God’s Plan Gospel Template allows different responses from your Church’s website visitors. Because of the flexibility of God’s Plan Gospel Template you will have one of 4 responses. At best, they will receive Christ as Savior, respond positively using your ODC (Online Decision Card), they’ll be grafted into your fellowship and become fruitful members of the Kingdom.

Scenario 1: Seeker reads your God’s Plan Gospel Template but doesn’t inform you

Person visits your website, reads your customizable God’s Plan Gospel Template + ODC and doesn’t complete the ODC (Online Decision Card). While you may not know whether or not they made a decision for Christ and just opted not to complete your Online Decision Card you can at least take comfort knowing your online ministry has provided a means for Seekers to be exposed to the Gospel…and assume the Holy Spirit is moving.

Scenario 2: Seeker completes your ODC because they have questions

A visitor to your site may read your customized God’s Plan Gospel Template but does not put their trust in Christ. However, they do complete the ODC (Online Decision Card) to request help with a question. The ODC gives them the option to provide as much Contact Information to you as they want. With your ODC you give them the opportunity to contact you to discuss their interests in eternal life and your church.

Begin Your Day By Changing The World Just a Little!
Scenario 3: Seeker  makes a decision for Christ and completes your ODC

An individual visits your church website, discovers your customized God’s Plan Gospel Template, puts their faith in Christ and completes the ODC. Within seconds you receive an email informing you of their decision and they include adequate contact information. You are then able to contact them and discuss there decision, invite them to your services and hopefully become a productive contributor to your ministry. You or someone in your church trained to do follow-up , uses the Beginning with Christ Assurance Booklet, or a similar tool, to meet with him/her for 5 to 6 weeks to discuss the promises of Scripture about God’s promises and assurance. (See more about effective follow-up tools).

Scenario 4: Seeker makes a decision for Christ and completes your ODC…but he/she doesn’t live in your community

The “Network” component of TheaXiomNetwork: Someone from outside your community providentially visits your church website, makes a decision for Christ and completes the ODC with their contact information. You contact them to discuss their decision but you realize they don’t live close enough to your church to benefit from your ministry. Of course, you want to help them in their spiritual walk so you go to and find another aXiom Partner/Member in or near there community and suggest they visit that church. You can also ask their permission to contact that church pastor and tell them about their decision and suggest they contact him/her and try to transition them into their church.

* To see how USChurchInfo /aXiom, PA helps with referrals view our fictitious city of Axiom, PA. You’ll immediately recognized fellow aXiom Members by the “100,000 Logo” next to their profile.

SEE 4-2-1-3 STEPS

1 Reason

What if local gospel believing church finally had the ability to forever alter it’s online orientation.
There are plenty of reasons to incorporate this opportunity into your Church’s ministry. Pick one…
They include:
  1. God’s Plan Gospel Template is Biblical
  2. God’s Plan is well-designed, beautiful and functional by the highest web standards.
  3. An unbeliever can “intellectually” grasp what it’s saying (we’ll leave the spiritual component to God).
  4. This outreach to those without Christ is Free!
  5. This technology in service to the Gospel has not only never been available, it’s never been attempted
  6. Money back guarantee on Installation for 30 days.
  7. God’s Plan Gospel Template is unique and available 24/7/365 for Seeker, Sharer and the Holy Spirit.
  8. God’s Plan Gospel Template can be customized  when it’s convenient for you.
  9. Axiom Network staff is available for support during regular business hours (Eastern time).
  10. Why wouldn’t you be part of the largest evangelistic mobilization of Churches in history
  11. You need to grow from “new” people with less emphasis, intentional or not, on transfers
  12. It’s easy and takes 10 minutes, or less, to install (see Installation Video)
  13. This could stimulate those in your Church to think more about evangelism
  14. It could be a segue into significant evangelism ministry in your Church and Community
  15. Your own customized God’s Plan Gospel Template on your Website would be available for anyone in your Church who wants to share with family and friends when it’s convenient at meals, work, holidays and more…
  16. Your website is your Church’s window to the world, or more accurately the world’s window into your Church, yet most have no Online Outreach for unbelievers in or outside their Church. Now you can change that.
  17. …and more…

Is there ONE reason you SHOULDN’T add God’s Plan Gospel Template to your Church website and launch your own branded Online Evangelism Ministry today?

Please, let us know at Contact Us and we’ll try to respond to your concern.