Pin Your Widget to Your Facebook Page

Transforming Facebook for Good

Facebook is such a huge force for good and bad in our world and culture. It can serve the purposes of the Gospel and it can certainly work against everything the Gospel stands for. , a new site we created, makes it possible to add the Gospel to your Church website with a simple Copy & Paste of your customized widget. Now, with this incredible technology, this never before available opportunity allows the Church to add the Gospel to your Facebook page.

This video (below) will also show you how to “pin” your Gospel template to the top of your page so that no matter how many other posts are added the Gospel always stay at the top.

Gutenberg would be impressed

If you agree the local Church’s highest priority is or should be making the Gospel available (and if you didn’t you probably wouldn’t be reading this) through every means possible, I think you’ll be pretty amazed..

Watch a (less than) 2 minute video to learn how to transform your Facebook page from informational to “transformational”.

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