How is Axiom Different?

In the past fifty years and longer there have been any number of different approaches to evangelism. (Please note; nothing here is intended to be an exhaustive list.)

As far as “methods” there have been many including Crusade evangelism, saturation evangelism, TV Evangelism, radio evangelism, Open tent evangelism, door-to-door evangelism, friendship evangelism, one-on-one evangelism, Your Home a Lighthouse evangelism studies, Home based Bible study evangelism, laissez-faire evangelism, and several others. These are just the ones I’ve participated in over the years.

Just in my lifetime there have been any number of appropriate relevant tools as well including, Evangelism Explosion, The Bridge Illustration, Bad News, Good News, Steps to Peace with God, and others.

With the advent of the internet we have seen evangelism online that includes continually updated approaches on social media including Google, Facebook, Twitter, Smart Phone Outreach, etc.  All have their strengths and their weaknesses as does any person, approach, philosophy, or technology.

I remember many years ago when I first started building websites for churches someone near and dear asked me why would any church want a website? I seemed to have sense that the internet was where not only the world was going but the ministry, especially church ministry. So, appropriately, nearly every church has a website.

Are websites still relevant? Well, in light of the fact that not everyone has a Facebook account or Twitter or others most people who are interested in your church or any church will probably go online and look for website.

The question we asked churches and pastors all the time is if an unbeliever went to your website who wanted to know either the most important thing you say you believe or how they can have eternal life would you be able to help them without having to attend your church first? Would your website be able to help them? If not, why not?

My experience is that 99% of strong, bible-believing, local churches do not include the gospel on their websites. We’ve checked! So for us the question is not do you include the gospel on your website but why don’t you include the gospel on your website?

Is it because you believe it’s ineffective? You may be right. And you may be wrong. How many people would have to visit your website and not find the Gospel to make adding it worth it. Would they have to visit the website of a church down the street from you to find the hope of eternal life? Which church would they be more likely to attend and becoming a productive disciple for the Savior?

Would that person then come to the Savior for salvation because your neighbor Church had the gospel on the website? Who knows this side of Heaven?

But one thing I think we can say with some certainty is that if you don’t have the gospel in your website then the Holy Spirit lacks one more venue to use the World Wide Web to bring someone to Salvation.

So the question is, “Why don’t you have a gospel on your website?”

It’s very easy simple and fast to provide the Holy Spirit and the potential unbeliever to your site unbeliever visiting your site a difficult, attractive, and relevant gospel presentation available 24/7 365 for any and all who might visit your site for help with finding Christ.

To learn more how you can customize your own Gospel presentation for your website go to

Somebody may thank you someday.



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