Sharing the Gospel during holidays

Holidays Can Present Opportunities and Challenges

Whether it’s Christmas, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, we, as Christians, often want to share out thoughts about the most important thing in our lives. So, naturally, our thoughts turn to helping our family and friends realize that what’s important to us but obviously be what’s most important to them, right!?

Now, instead of verbally sharing your faith there are less confrontational ways to help people realize their opportunity and needs of the Gospel. One of the most obvious and most overlooked is putting an attractive, Biblically faithful Gospel presentation on your Church website so it is available 24/7 and shared anytime its convenient.

Why not just open up your phone, tablet or any device and share God’s Plan. At least this way, even if you don’t make an obvious “connection” over the barbecue rib or turkey leg you can gently remind them how to find it again on their own; by simply going to your Church website.

Need more reasons to add the Gospel to your Church website? Here are Seven Reasons to Add The Gospel to Your Church Website.


Two guys sharing the Gospel in a restaurant.
Learn seven obvious reasons you should add the Gospel to your Church Website. Click on image.


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