Developing & Sharing Your Testimony

testimony defined

If you’re fairly new in your Christian faith you probably have a desire to tell others about it. Great! We are commanded to do so out of love for the Savior. One of the key components of sharing your faith is being able to tell others about your own experience of coming to Christ in a positive, encouraging, clear way.

Some folks have powerful stories about what God saved them from and of course those can be compelling.

But i have a Boring Testimony

There are some basic components and principles that will serve to help you be more effective.

Caveat: We’re not suggesting here some kind of “formula”; i.e. that these steps, or any others, always make a difference or that they are required. We share these with you mainly because they have proven helpful to millions of others including ourselves and they provide general guidance to options that you may want to include when you talk to others about salvation.

How to Start

What comprises a “testimony”. By the nature of the word, for our purposes, it’s related to the idea of demonstrating truth, providing evidence (as in a courtroom) to what you’ve personally experienced, testifying to others about what you know.

Perhaps the simplest starting point is to consider:

      1. What circumstances brought me to the point I knew I needed salvation
      2. What did I actually do to become a Christian
      3. What difference has Christ made in my life


Circumstances includes the events, people, behaviors, condition of the heart (fears, guilt, loss, etc.), beliefs, questions by others, realization of what the Bible says about our condition before Him.

Becoming a Christian

Becoming a believer can be, and more than often is, a circuitous affair. God usually allows us to travel our own path to find Him until we’ve come to the point in our lives where we realize our genuine spiritual need. And, nothing we’ve tried up to that point will resolve our problem.

What did I learn and what did I do about this knowledge. How did I become a Christian


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