If $10,000 is the going price?

If you could buy salvation of a person would you do it? If you could be guaranteed that your spouse or child or your parents or  some significant other in your life would definitely come to Salvation in Jesus Christ for a certain amount of money, would you do it? Its guaranteed! No risk! Would you pay that amount?

What would pay the “going” price for that individual?  $20? A hundred dollars? A thousand? $10,000?

What if you could pay on a $2 with the hope of someone coming to Christ? With an amount be $20 hundred thousand dollars $10,000? What about $19.95?

How is Axiom Different?

In the past fifty years and longer there have been any number of different approaches to evangelism. (Please note; nothing here is intended to be an exhaustive list.)

As far as “methods” there have been many including Crusade evangelism, saturation evangelism, TV Evangelism, radio evangelism, Open tent evangelism, door-to-door evangelism, friendship evangelism, one-on-one evangelism, Your Home a Lighthouse evangelism studies, Home based Bible study evangelism, laissez-faire evangelism, and several others. These are just the ones I’ve participated in over the years.

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Pin Your Widget to Your Facebook Page

Transforming Facebook for Good

Facebook is such a huge force for good and bad in our world and culture. It can serve the purposes of the Gospel and it can certainly work against everything the Gospel stands for.

TheaXiomNetwork.com , a new site we created, makes it possible to add the Gospel to your Church website with a simple Copy & Paste of your customized widget. Now, with this incredible technology, this never before available opportunity allows the Church to add the Gospel to your Facebook page.

This video (below) will also show you how to “pin” your Gospel template to the top of your page so that no matter how many other posts are added the Gospel always stay at the top.

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Developing & Sharing Your Testimony

testimony defined

If you’re fairly new in your Christian faith you probably have a desire to tell others about it. Great! We are commanded to do so out of love for the Savior. One of the key components of sharing your faith is being able to tell others about your own experience of coming to Christ in a positive, encouraging, clear way.

Some folks have powerful stories about what God saved them from and of course those can be compelling.

But i have a Boring Testimony

There are some basic components and principles that will serve to help you be more effective.

Caveat: We’re not suggesting here some kind of “formula”; i.e. that these steps, or any others, always make a difference or that they are required. We share these with you mainly because they have proven helpful to millions of others including ourselves and they provide general guidance to options that you may want to include when you talk to others about salvation.

How to Start

What comprises a “testimony”. By the nature of the word, for our purposes, it’s related to the idea of demonstrating truth, providing evidence (as in a courtroom) to what you’ve personally experienced, testifying to others about what you know.

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Sharing with Family

A moment of candor

Have you ever wondered why so often our immediate families are the most difficult to share the gospel with? Sometimes they resist, even antagonize, our sincere efforts to tell them the most important news they’ll ever hear.

Every time I came home from college I would “share” my faith with my family  over dinner, watching TV and any other time I had the opportunity. After all, I had THE most important news in the universe to communicate and who better to tell them than the one who was closest to them and wanted the best for them?

Kethiv Qere: What is Written, What is Read

Well, for me it was more like “What is said, what is heard”. I told them about grace, about the Cross, about sin, about…well, everything I knew, which, at the time, wasn’t much. I felt my words were reasoned, clear and biblical.

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