Effective Follow-up Begins with Great Tools   

Suggestions for Effective Follow-up:

Note: These items are recommended for effective Follow-up with a New Believer but are not Required. If you prefer materials from your Church or denomination you are still invited to become a Member of TheaXiomNetwork.

  1. Mail to Decision Maker: The most obvious and simplest way to minister to a New Believer after their decision for Christ is to contact them and chat about their new life in Christ and let them know you’d like to mail the Beginning with Christ booklet (or some other material) , encourage them to attend your Church the next Sunday and allow you to meet them and help them get settled.
    Great Follow-up requires great follow-up materials to share with the new believer. Beginning With Christ is a simple but thorough Biblical solution for discipling those just starting out in their walk of faith.
  2. Meet 1:1: Perhaps the most fruitful, and joyful, way to utilize the Beginning With Christ booklet on an individual basis is to complete #1 above and request weekly meetings with the individual over coffee, breakfast, etc. and discuss each Scripture verse, the overall concept of security in that week’s verse and pray and encourage him or her. Either before or after referring to the verse in the booklet and discussing it we strongly recommend you show and explain each verse in a Bible so they can see for themselves that it’s Scriptural. Point out how this truth can help on a daily basis, schedule your next meeting and end in prayer. What a great way to launch a personal discipleship ministry in your Church.
  3. Discipleship Sunday School classes: One way we’ve personally used both booklets is to teach a five week Sunday School class (a 5 week class for each booklet) for New Believers. Organize the teaching around each verse, discuss relevant applications and verses, ask how they can apply the verse to their own lives, challenge them to break up into two’s and three’s and quote the new verse to each other and review previous verses, end in prayer and encourage them to live out the reality of these verses in their daily lives throughout the week. Lots of laughs, thoughtful discussions, relevant prayer and more. This series is one of the most fun and fruitful classes we’ve ever taught.
    Rock Somebody’s World Today!
    Matthew 7:24-25
  4. Sunday Morning Sermon: Pass booklets out as your congregation enters for Sunday worship and then teach/preach through the one verse per week and others relevant to the topic. Both New Believers and “Seasoned Saints” will be blessed (and will tell you so!). Depending on their own maturity they’ll use the booklet personally for personal edification, teaching their own disciple(s) or giving to friend and family member. Most members have never had the opportunity to learn these truths especially in such a succinct and simple way. Preaching through this series could be one of the greatest blessing you can provide to your Church.
One-on-One Follow-up: Meet with a new Believer to discuss their Decision and review Assurances with Beginning with Christ booklet.

Ideas for Sharing The Gospel

Ideas for Sharing


Sharing God’s Plan Publicly

There are many ways to use your customizable God’s Plan Gospel Template. Since its online on your own Church website we encourage you to present it from your projector as a sermon on Sunday morning once a quarter or so.

This experience will not only allow visitors to hear the Gospel, some perhaps for the first time but equally important, members will see that its available on the Church website and that you endorse its use, they’ll see your commitment to sharing the Gospel and your passion for the lost and they’ll experience first hand how to present it clearly.

What’s the Last Thing the Person Sees (on Your Website) Before They Receive Salvation

 1. Sharing the Gospel from the Pulpit during Sunday Worship
2. Children and adult Sunday School classes
3. Evangelism Training Courses
4. Share at the first meeting of each Home Bible Study so some might believe and others will see it as a tool to use privately
5. Men’s and Women’s Group Meetings
6. Retreats (Revivals, Teens, Young Marrieds, Family, Singles, Seniors, etc.)
7. Evening/Special Services
8. Youth Groups including AWANATM and others

Your God’s Plan Gospel Template customized for your Church’s website provides opportunity for you and your congregation to share the Good News with anyone, anytime and anywhere they’re online.

Sharing God’s Plan Personally and Privately

This will then encourage others in your Church:

9. Knowing the Gospel is now available on your Church website they can use their phones, laptops and notepads
10. To meet with family and friends to “walk them through the Gospel”
11. To see an incredible opportunity to develop highly motivated individuals in your church to learn and grow in discipleship
12. Project your God’s Plan header (with video) onto your sanctuary wall before services begin.
13. Use your “Smart TV” during parties (Christmas, Thanksgiving, et al), before Home Bible Studies, Church monitor displays and nearly anywhere else a TV or monitor can display your God’s Plan Gospel Template for background interest.

Imagine how excited you and your Church would be to hear testimonies of faithful members sharing the Gospel with friends and family
…And, because God’s Plan Gospel Template is “in the cloud” it can be used anywhere, anytime, by anybody. Even those who go to other Churches that don’t include the Gospel on their website.

These suggestions will spark conversation in all these settings and allow you to scroll down (when appropriate) to explain the Gospel if the person is interested. You can also inform them that if they’d like to know more then they can go to the designated link on your Church’s website.

Silent Sentinel

The most obvious benefit of your customizable God’s Plan Swaps Gospel Template is that it resides 24/7/365 on your Church website and allows the Holy Spirit to lead others there to confront them with the Gospel and their need to put their faith in Christ.

Most likely the unbelieving visitor last Sunday will visit your Church website during the week to learn more about your ministry and upon discovering God’s Plan learns how they can come to Salvation? Would a youth visitor or member on the verge of some life changing decision, good or bad, land on your Gospel page and find Christ there waiting for him or her? What scenarios can you imagine that the Holy Spirit could use if God’s Plan was available around the world and around the clock? Imagine the lost opportunities to share God’s plan of salvation if it’s not available.

See 4 Scenarios