Developing & Sharing Your Testimony

testimony defined

If you’re fairly new in your Christian faith and are compelled to tell others about it there are some basic components and principles that will serve to help you be more effective.

Caveat: We’re not suggesting here some kind of “formula”; i.e. that these steps, or any others, always make a difference or that they are required. We share these with you mainly because they have proven helpful to millions of others including ourselves and they provide general guidance to options that you may want to include when you talk to others about salvation.

How to Start

What comprises a “testimony”. By the nature of the word, for our purposes, it’s related to the idea of demonstrating truth, providing evidence (as in a courtroom) to what you’ve personally experienced, testifying to others about what you know.

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Sharing with Family

A moment of candor

Have you ever wondered why so often our immediate families are the most difficult to share the gospel with? Sometimes they resist, even antagonize, our sincere efforts to tell them the most important news they’ll ever hear.

Every time I came home from college I would “share” my faith with my family  over dinner, watching TV and any other time I had the opportunity. After all, I had THE most important news in the universe to communicate and who better to tell them than the one who was closest to them and wanted the best for them?

Kethiv Qere: What is Written, What is Read

Well, for me it was more like “What is said, what is heard”. I told them about grace, about the Cross, about sin, about…well, everything I knew, which, at the time, wasn’t much. I felt my words were reasoned, clear and biblical.

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How can all groups in our church be involved in evangelism?


Before we can or will change something in our lives or the lives of others there must be an expectation, either by us or by someone else. Otherwise, how would we know a task, behavior or attitude needs to be changed?

For this reason it’s important that everyone in your Church be encouraged to be involved in evangelism at some level but in most cases that will require change. Nearly all true believers recognize that others outside of Christ need to have the Gospel clearly explained to them. But, who and when and how?


What do we mean by “all groups”? Would this include the Ladies Bible Study or AWANA or other youth ministries? How about choir? The answer comes down to which of these groups wouldn’t you want to see the Gospel shared with?

But, not only should the Gospel be shared within these groups but each group should be encouraged, is “expected” too strong a word in this case, to share outside the group as well. We usually see that in most of life what isn’t expected isn’t accomplished. Each of these groups and the individuals in them have unique, even God appointed opportunities to speak to others about salvation.

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Five ways to share the Gospel during the holidays.

Holidays Can Present Opportunities and Challenges

Whether it’s Christmas, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, we, as Christians, often want to share out thoughts about the most important thing in our lives. So, naturally, our thoughts turn to helping our family and friends realize that what’s important to us but obviously be what’s most important to them, right!?

Now, instead of verbally sharing your faith there are less confrontational ways to help people realize their opportunity and needs of the Gospel. One of the most obvious and most overlooked is putting an attractive, Biblically faithful Gospel presentation on your Church website so it is available 24/7 and shared anytime its convenient.

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Will Access to the Gospel Be Challenged?

Reasons to be Concerned?

It grieves me to write this because like most Christians, I never believed this would happen in our lifetime. Our intent is not to paint an alarmist, bleak picture of the future. But, we believe, there are reasons for concern. And, if we’re wrong, then the worse that can happen is the Gospel receives more exposure Online.

More and more social media venues are shutting down or curtailing conversations about political and spiritual matters they disagree with, especially Christian conversations. Their reasons, of course, are our
message promotes “hate speech” when we say all people are sinners, among other things. Our fear is their list of “reasons” will gradually increase over time. We know this is absurd but 1. they seemingly don’t care what we think and 2. we don’t control the levers of these platforms.

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